• "Chachalate is your new favourite chocolate brand"

    — Taste Toronto 
  • "There is a new chocolate maker in the city and he is not making any ordinary chocolate."

    — blogTO 
  • "If mass-market chocolate tastes the way beige looks, then Chachalate’s is completely kaleidoscopic."

    — Toronto Life 
  • "A small price to pay for a majorly impactful chocolate bar!"

    — Food Network 


Pure chocolate made with Cocoa Beans & Organic Cane Sugar. That's it.

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  • real ingredients

    We make chocolate with only two ingredients: cocoa beans & organic cane sugar. That's it.

  • real flavour

    We preserve and highlight the naturally fruity flavours of the cocoa beans, which are the seeds of a fruit!

  • real change

    We're building a better world of chocolate — working as directly with the farmers as possible and paying liveable rates (3-5x Fair Trade!).

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But as a kid I couldn't pronounce it.

I would run down my aunt’s hallway yelling “I want chachalate (CHA-CHA-LIT)”.

When I grew up, I was shocked by the industry.

How could something that brings us so much happiness cause so much suffering around the world?

So I made my own chocolate. Sourcing the best cacao as directly with the farmers as possible.

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