Valentine's Chocolate & Cheese Tasting

Explore beautiful pairings of chocolate and cheese. An unexpected, but perfect harmony of flavours and textures.

Kiss My Pans is Toronto's premiere Singaporean cafe and cheese shop, sourcing the most incredible cheeses from the around the world.

Join us for an evening of delicious flavours and combinations!

Feb 9 @ 6 - 7:30pm / Limited Seating available.

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  • "Chachalate is your new favourite chocolate brand"

    — Taste Toronto 
  • "There is a new chocolate maker in the city and he is not making any ordinary chocolate."

    — blogTO 
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  • real ingredients

    We make chocolate with only two ingredients: cocoa beans & organic cane sugar. That's it.

  • real flavour

    We preserve and highlight the naturally fruity flavours of the cocoa beans, which are the seeds of a fruit!

  • real change

    We're building a better world of chocolate — working as directly with the farmers as possible and paying liveable rates (3-5x Fair Trade!).

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Transform your baking and bring the real fruity cacao flavours into your home.


But as a kid I couldn't pronounce it.

I would run down my aunt’s hallway yelling “I want chachalate (CHA-CHA-LIT)”.

When I grew up, I was shocked by the industry.

How could something that brings us so much happiness cause so much suffering around the world?

So I made my own chocolate. Sourcing the best cacao as directly with the farmers as possible.

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