Eat real chocolate. Learn about real chocolate.

Are you looking for a unique team-bonding experience that’s inclusive, educational, and alcohol-free?

Whether you're a company of 1 or 1000, we have real chocolate for everyone.

Join our chocolate makers virtually, or we can come to your office, and we’ll go on a chocolate adventure!

We'll explore the journey from growing cacao to making chocolate, the different cocoa origins, how to taste chocolate, decolonizing commodities, and everything in between.

We’ll try three single-origin, two-ingredient chocolates, and taste the rainbow of naturally fruity chocolate flavours.

Each chocolate is the same recipe. The only differences are where the cocoa beans come from.

  • Chachalate Bars

    Our three signature single-origin Chachalate Bars.

    Each bar is the same two ingredients, except for where the cacao comes from.

  • Cocoa Beans & Nibs

    See and taste 100% cacao. Crack open the roasted cocoa beans to reveal the nibs inside!

  • Tasting Guide

    An informative guide to bring you along the journey and provide jumping off points for your tasting experience.

Virtual Tasting Session

An exclusive one hour session with our master chocolate makers.

We keep the tastings casual, so there's plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.


In-Person Session

Bring the chocolate tasting to your office!

We'll come to you and lead your team in a one hour in-office chocolate tasting, learning, and trivia.

  • "I was so excited that I registered for a chocolate tasting at a college I didn't even graduate from and ate all the chocolate before the tasting. I recommend Chachalate without reservation."

  • "Attended the virtual chocolate tasting and Ry was a phenomenal host - entertaining and learned so much about chocolate. A+++ all-around!!"

  • "I've been to quite a few chocolate tastings, and nothing has been like Ry's approach. His product is different from all the others, and amazing!"

  • "Ryan gave a wonderfully chocolate experience online. I like how he talked about the history and the process of making the chocolate right from step one i.e. ordering the beans. I will be sharing my chocolate tasting experience with my whole family."

  • "This was such a fun & interesting evening. I had no idea the depth of flavour you can taste in quality chocolate. I learned so much about the chocolate-making process & was so impressed with Ry’s dedication to ethical sourcing, quality of product, and beautiful design."

  • "This tasting box was fantastic! Really beautiful design, great tasting card, lovely chocolate bars. Ry is really passionate about chocolate and it was great to learn about his approach to chocolate making."

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