How do you say Chachalate?


Is Chachalate vegan?

Yup we only use cocoa beans and organic cane sugar as the base ingredients in our chocolate! We do not use any milk powders or animal products.

Are there nuts or allergens?

We use nuts in select flavours and baked goods.

As a result, all of our products MAY CONTAIN nuts, peanuts, and coconut.

How long can I store my chocolate?

Pure chocolate can last up to two years in cool (70F), dark, and dry storage. Or maybe only up until you get hungry.

Flavoured bars will vary depending on the specific flavour — typically 6 - 12 months.

Pssst don't put your chocolate in the fridge!! (It's too humid)

Why does chachalate taste so different from the big manufacturers?

Welcome to the world of real chocolate! We focus on the best, real ingredients and treat them with respect. Larger chocolate companies tend to focus on consistency over quality, use cheap cocoa beans, and to compensate, over-roast and over-sweeten them.

What are the "tasting notes"?

Fun fact: chocolate has more flavour compounds than coffee or wine!

This means chocolate is an incredibly complex flavour that can taste similar to many things (often at the same time).

Regular grocery store chocolate all tastes the same because it's typically over-roasted and made with cheap, poorly processed cocoa beans.

We add a few tasting notes to act as a starting point for when you eat your chachalate, but you might taste something wildly different. And that's ok!

What do you mean by "real" chocolate?

Real chocolate is all about transparently and sustainably sourcing the best cocoa beans, roasting them in ways that highlight their fruitiness and uniqueness, and of course, creating a more delicious chocolate than you've ever had before (without overly processed sugars, vanilla, emulsifiers, etc...).

Is Chachalate Fair Trade?

Some call it Beyond Fair Trade. Normal supply chains are extremely complicated and have several middle people that inflate the cost and can make cocoa beans sit in storage for a long time.

Our cocoa beans typically go from farmers, fermentary, distributor, then us at chachalate. This way, farmers get paid much more than both the commodity and fair trade prices.

How do you make Chachalate?

What's your shipping policy?

Read more about our shipping and pickup policy here.

My order was lost or damaged during delivery, what now?

Please email us at info(at)lovechachalate.com with the details and order number, and we'll be in touch ASAP!


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