As a kid though, chocolate was a hard word for me.

I would run down my aunt's hallway yelling,

"I want chachalate!".

I pronounced it as CHA-CHA-LIT in the high pitched voice of a hungry little Ry.

When I grew up, I started making chocolate in my kitchen and learning more about it — the ingredients, the flavours, and the ethics.

I was shocked by the industry.

How could something that brings us so much happiness cause so much suffering around the world?

We do TWO things differently:



    Chachalate is FRUITY, BOLD, and FLAVOURFUL unlike any other chocolate.

    Chachalate is made with only two ingredients: cocoa beans & organic cane sugar. That's it.

    All the flavour comes from the cacao (the seed of a fruit!).


    We source our cacao as directly with the farmers as possible, and pay 3-5x MORE than the Fair Trade prices.

    This allows the expert farmers an actual liveable rate.

    They can then focus on quality rather than quantity.

The mission: bring real chocolate to the world.

Cocoa beans are the seeds of the cacao fruit, each having their own personalities. They shouldn’t be over roasted and masked with cheap additives.

We focus on making the fruitiest-tasting dark chocolate.

Let’s celebrate this magical food and cherish the memories that it brings, and the ones that are to come.

All the love,

Ry from Chachalate