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Tanzania Pure

Tanzania Pure

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Chachalate Origins - Tanzania Pure

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Cherry, Plum, Lemon

Cocoa Percentage: 75%

Our signature Chachalate. Made with only two ingredients: cocoa beans & organic cane sugar.

This isn't like any dark chocolate from the grocery store. You might taste raspberry, other red fruits, and perhaps a touch of lemon.

We use the Tanzania Chachalate as the base chocolate for our flavoured bars, baking chachalate, and hot chachalate. We love the red-fruit forward flavours that much!


Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar
Ingrediénts: Feves de Cacao, Sucre de Canne Bio

Net Weight: 65g

All of our chocolate is made without any added preservatives, soy lecithin, vanilla, dairy, eggs, or gluten. May contain traces of nuts or peanuts.

About the Beans

In the village of Mbingu (Kiswahili for Heaven), Tanzania, cocoa beans are gathered from over 4,500 neighbouring farmers.

Kokoa Kamili, a central fermentary, takes these beans and beautifully ferments them. They pay the farmers the highest prices in the region and work to better the lives of the surrounding communities while developing the tastiest cocoa beans around.

We make sure to delicately roast the cocoa beans to preserve and accentuate the distinctive tang of these seeds.

At Chachalate, we celebrate the uniqueness of nature and highlight the rainbow of flavours! We make naturally fruity tasting dark chocolate, unlike any other chocolate you've ever had.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Donald Dedrick
Delicious and special!

This was my favorite. Very fruity and well balanced. A different experience of chocolate. The others were fine too. But this wins the prize!

Heather S
Best of the best

Tanzania dark chocolate is a peaceful experience. Don't rush the tasting. Let the chocolate melt and see what flavours you can discern today. I love Chachalate's bars, they don't give the sugar rush that most other chocolate bars do, but they do give an intense chocolate experience. And they support a local business which is also supporting cocoa farmers -- you can trace the origins from the information on the package. Chocolate time is the "happy time" of my day!

Su Li Chen
Tanzania dark chocolate

2nd time getting this. Love it.


tanzania, 75% dark

Jill Snelgrove
Piece of heaven

I was fortunate to receive a bar of Tanzania Chachalate as a gift from a dear friend. From the first bite, my mind was blown! The texture was smooth and rich, but it had no sharp after taste that is typical of commercial dark chocolate. It tasted so fruity that I kept checking to see if the chocolate had fruit inclusions inside the bar. Nope! The taste of the chocolate was so delicious, it took no time at all to wolf down what turned out to be the best chocolate bar I'd ever eaten. It was so impressive, I kept the package so I would be sure to remember the piece of heaven I had in my mouth. I have placed a holiday order and I'm waiting patiently to be able to share my new found favourite with my loved ones over Christmas and the New Year. Chachalate is worth every penny!