Give your customers a completely new, natural, real chocolate experience.

Grocery & Retail

Make your shelves shine with real chocolate.

  • Chachalate Bars

  • Baking Chachalate

  • Hot Chachalate

  • Cocoa Nibs

Food & Bev

Whether you're a bakery, restaurant, cafe, ice cream maker, or independent chef, we have real chocolate for everyone.

  • Bulk Chachalate

    Tempered or untempered blocks, chunks, or bars.

    Made with only two ingredients: cocao beans & organic cane sugar.

  • Hot Chachalate

    Our signature hot chachalate mix made with Tanzania Chachalate.

    Blended form, ready to be added to hot liquid of choice.

  • Cocoa Nibs

    Delicately roasted, crunchy, and fruity.

Ready to carry real chocolate?