Everyone who RSVP's will automatically be entered into a giveaway to win a free box of THREE BAKED GOODS and THREE CHACHALATE BARS of your choice.

**valid for pickup during either of our grand opening dates: Aug 12 or 13, 2023, 11AM - 5PM**

Grand Opening Weekend

Tell everyone because it’s our official grand opening weekend!

The full menu (from Bakerrae) includes Rae Rolls, Cream Puffs, Cookies, our special drink menu, and of course, Chachalate bars for the road!

We’ll have giveaways and prizes throughout the weekend!

AUG 12 & 13
11AM - 5PM both days or until sold out
149 Main St, M4E 2V9

** Please note the bakery and factory space is take-out only. It’s too small for dine-in! But the beaches is not too far away if you want to enjoy your treats with a nice view (AND it's Taste of Danforth the same weekend)!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support throughout all of this. We’re so excited to FINALLY welcome you to our new home ❤️❤️


BAKERRAE was founded by Rae during the pandemic while she was a full-time covid test nurse.

She specializes in modern pastries with Filipino inspirations.

She has always loved coffee and cafe hopping, and her baking popups were the first steps towards her dream of opening up a bakery.

After two years, she is ready to take the next step with Bakerrae's first physical location.

Through Bakerrae, Rae wants to take you on this journey of re-connecting to her roots as a Filipina, and introduce you to flavours that are familiar and new.


CHACHALATE was founded by Ry, also during the pandemic. They make real chocolate from — from the cocoa beans. Chachalate's chocolate preserves and highlights the naturally fruity flavours of the cacao, and sources it as directly with the farmers as possible.

This ensures farmers get paid liveable rates, and they get the world's most incredible cacao.

When Ry was a young boy, he loved chocolate, but couldn't pronounce it. He would run down the halls yelling, "I want Chachalate!" (CHA-CHA-LIT).

Later he learned about the problems with mass market chocolate.

After years of experimenting with roasting and grinding cacao in his apartment, he took the leap and Chachalate was born.