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What is Chachalate and Why Does it Taste so Fruity?

Chachalate is natural dark chocolate made with minimally and carefully processed ingredients.

The main ingredients are cocoa beans and sugar. Because there are no added fillers such as milk powders or excess sugar, the full natural flavours of the cocoa beans can come out.

Cocoa beans are the seeds of the cacao fruit. If they are processed correctly (harvested, fermented, dried, roasted, ground), then they actually are full of fruity flavours!

In fact, natural chocolate has over 600 flavour compounds - more than coffee OR wine!

Why Doesn’t Supermarket Chocolate Taste Fruity?

Large chocolate companies typically purchase pre-made cocoa mass and add various cheap filler ingredients. There is nothing inherently wrong with cocoa mass - it is simply ground roasted cocoa beans.

The problem is that this cocoa mass is made with two goals in mind: low cost and consistency.

This means that they source the cheapest ingredients and over roast/process them to average out the flavours.

Also, there are only a few companies in the world that sell the majority of cocoa mass on the market. It’s no wonder why ALL of the chocolate we’ve ever had tastes virtually the same!

Just look at any grocery store chocolate’s ingredients list. Some things you might see are sugars as the first ingredients, palm or vegetable oils, lecithin, artificial flavours, milk powders (we’re looking right at you, milk & white chocolate), or vanilla extract.

In fact, many of them are not even legally allowed to be called chocolate. Chocolate-flavoured or Chocolate Candy is common.

After taking a bite of those “chocolates”, you would never know that cocoa beans are the seeds of a fruit!

There's a wonderful world of real, natural chocolate out there! With a little extra care, we can create chocolate that's incredibly fruity tasting unlike any other chocolate you've ever had.


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