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Real Chocolate Tasting Bundle (3 Bars)
Real Chocolate Tasting Bundle (3 Bars)
Real Chocolate Tasting Bundle (3 Bars)
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Real Chocolate Tasting Bundle (3 Bars)

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The fruitiest tasting natural dark chocolate.

Not sure where to start? This is the perfect introduction to the world of real chocolate!

You'll get our three signature chachalate bars that show the rainbow of flavours that chocolate can be.

Tanzania, 75% Dark
Madagascar, 75% Dark
India, 75% Dark

These bars are a representation of our mission to bring real chocolate to the world.

At Chachalate, we celebrate the uniqueness of nature and highlight the rainbow of flavours! We make naturally fruity tasting dark chocolate, unlike any other chocolate you've ever had.


Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar
Ingrediénts: Feves de Cacao, Sucre de Canne Bio

Net Weight: 195g (65g per bar)

All of our chocolate is made without any added preservatives, soy lecithin, vanilla, dairy, eggs, or gluten. May contain traces of nuts or peanuts.

About the Beans

Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili

In the village of Mbingu (Kiswahili for Heaven), Tanzania, cocoa beans are gathered from over 4,500 neighbouring farmers.

Kokoa Kamili, a central fermentary, takes these beans and beautifully ferments them. They pay the farmers the highest prices in the region and work to better the lives of the surrounding communities while developing the tastiest cocoa beans around.

We make sure to delicately roast the cocoa beans to preserve and accentuate the distinctive tang of these seeds.

Madagascar, Bejofo

The Bejofo Estate in Madagascar has been farming cacao for 100 years.
They grow, harvest, and ferment their own beans, then dry them quickly under the hot Madagascar sun in the Sambirano Valley. The soil and climate here are ideal for growing the highest quality cacao.

India, Anamalai Farm

The Anamalai Farm in India grows cacao amongst tall coconut and nutmeg trees. It is located near Pollachi, a region famous for its amazing coconuts.

The beans are fermented in five tiers of wooden boxes and sun dried on raised beds.

The farm was started as a response to grow quality cacao, primarily for the Indian market, instead of the Indian-grown cacao for large producers such as Cadbury and Mondelez.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Eileen Hare

Product is wonderful. Could improve by division lines to break chocolate. Ten I would give the product a 5.

Delivers on the Brand Promise

You position yourself as the fruitiest-tasting real chocolate and these 3 bars really deliver on that promise and are a great introduction to the rest of your company. Great work!

Andrew Teteris

I was very pleased with the purity of the ingredients, and yet an interesting and pleasant variety of different tastes from the three bars. Will be ordering more!

Awesome real chocolate!!

Probably the best chocolate I've ever had. I can't believe how much of the fruity flavour comes out with only two ingredients : cocoa beans and can'e sugar. Looking forward to trying more!!

Janet Maxwell
Tasting Bundle

I gave these bundles as gifts to two separate couples and to my disappointment neither one shared lol. However I have already tasted these chocolates and I love the subtle differences between the different bars. They are not bitter but also not overly sweet.