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roasted chachalate cacao beans

roasted chachalate cacao beans

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Roasted Chachalate Cacao Beans

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Cherry, Plum, Chocolate

Our very own delicately roasted whole cacao beans!

Crack them open and enjoy the cocoa nibs inside.

This is the healthiest way to eat cacao. The nibs are essentially un-ground chocolate packed with all of the amazing nutrients and no added sugar.

Roasted with love in Toronto, Canada.

How to Use

Use the cocoa nibs wherever you would use seeds or nuts. They add a satisfying crunch and an amazing chocolate-y flavour with a fruity punch.

Smoothies, yogurt, cereal, salad, ice cream, cakes, brownies, cookies, stews, and more!

Grind them up and add sugar to make chocolate.



Ingredients: Cocoa Beans
Ingrediénts: Feves de Cacao

Net Weight: 250g

All of our chocolate is made without any added preservatives, soy lecithin, vanilla, dairy, eggs, or gluten. May contain traces of nuts or peanuts.

About the Beans

In the village of Mbingu (Kiswahili for Heaven), Tanzania, cocoa beans are gathered from over 4,500 neighbouring farmers.

Kokoa Kamili, a central fermentary, takes these beans and beautifully ferments them. They pay the farmers the highest prices in the region and work to better the lives of the surrounding communities while developing the tastiest cocoa beans around.

We make sure to delicately roast the cocoa beans to preserve and accentuate the distinctive tang of these seeds.

At Chachalate, we celebrate the uniqueness of nature and highlight the rainbow of flavours! We make naturally fruity tasting dark chocolate, unlike any other chocolate you've ever had.

Customer Reviews

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So delicious

The most amazing and healthy cocoa beans. So fun to crack open!